Ecological cardboard furniture

Ecological cardboard furniture

Today, there is no need to explain to anyone what recycling is. People's awareness of ecology is still growing, and the world is opening up more and more to ecological initiatives. Our cardboard furniture attracts the eye not only with its unusual appearance ... Many people are delighted with them precisely because of the aspect of ecology. Thanks to this, our furniture is great for promotion in every industry during various events, but also for everyday use. The use of ecological materials positively affects the company's image, and also makes the stand original, and the customer remembers the visit and the products for longer. The advantage of cardboard furniture is high durability while maintaining low weight and compact dimensions when unfolded.

Ekologiczne krzesło z tektury - meble z tektury

Doubt the durability of cardboard?

The maximum static load of this cardboard chair is 180 kg.


Surprisingly durable

Easy to assemble

Compliant with the standard PN-EN



Our cardboard furniture is not only elegant, but also comfortable and durable. Assembly does not require tools, and when you do not need them, you can unfold them at any time and hide them, for example, behind a wardrobe.


Do you want to make this product even more special? Are you looking for a gift idea or just want a personalized piece of furniture? It is possible to make an additional print according to your idea. You can put any inscription, photo or just paint something.

Skorzystaj z naszego kreatora


Cardboard has been an underestimated raw material for years. It allows you to construct original and fully functional cardboard furniture. Remember, cardboard is not only packaging!

The composition of our cardboard

  • 80% recycled paper
  • 20% new fibers

Features of cardboard furniture

A series of furniture for the youngest, in eco versions and with colorful, educational veneers. Veneers additionally protect the furniture against mechanical damage, getting wet, etc. The safest furniture for children in the world!

Ease of assembly
Why cardboard?

Contrary to appearances, cardboard is a very grateful material - it is light, durable and plastic. It allows for the construction of original and fully functional furniture that does not need to be twisted or glued, but can be easily folded and moved, and if necessary - hidden. Our furniture is available in a raw eco version, but also in many patterns. We offer a wide selection of veneers, including for children, but we can also prepare individual projects, e.g. in company colors.


Cardboard furniture

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